3R-Systems is a young company founded by Waldemar Klapp, who since 1995 has been active iconsorting with experienced engineering firms and plant manufacturers in the areas of project development, project management and project investment. Since 2011, the focus has been on climate-friendly and energy-saving „Green Energy“ projects designed to secure a locally relevant culture of sustainability. Here we report on selected projects that 3R-Systems has planned and implemented.


Reinhard Töcker ist noch gar nicht so lange Landwirt. Er wusste aber genau, worauf er sich einließ, als er 2004 in Warendorf den elterlichen Betrieb übernahm. Denn als Buchführungs- und Steuersachbearbeiter hatte er vorher rund 70 landwirtschaftliche Betriebe betreut. Ebenfalls wusste er genau, wo den Betrieben der Schuh drückt und auf welches wirtschaftliche Risiko er sich bei der Betriebsübernahme einließ.Der Landwirt hat im Jahr 2009 eine Biogasanlage gebaut. Eine Entscheidung, die ihm damals aufgrund der Förderung nach dem Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz leicht gemacht wurde.

Reinhard Töcker, looking back on your decision to set up a biogas plant, how do you rate it today?

„In 2009 I made the step to install a biogas plant and thereby contribute to the idea of the energy revolution.
In the face of ever-changing and thoroughly disadvantageous legislative, my investment, however, is now highly uncertain.“

How do you assess the situation of the operators of biogas plants in Germany after the reduction of the subsidy following the 2017, Renewable Energy Act?

„Of the currently existing 9,000 biogas plant operators in Germany at least 4,000 face the foreseeable end … unless they become active, NOW and
find alternate means of income!“

You decided to invest in a 3R-Systems plant and produce biochar. How did you decide?

„When I came across Mr. Klapp and the 3R system during an agricultural fair, I was skeptical, though truly fascinated. After I had checked the plant
in Dusseldorf with a fellow engineer and had intensively studied all the publications on the potential of biochar, ran the figures around the
necessary investments forward and backwards , What is left is pure excitement.“

Reinhard Töcker

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