We at 3R-Systems care to have a holistic approach towards our customers. Together with you we will start by analyzing your particular disposal problem and in doing so assess the feasibility and added value potentials of you investing into the installation of a plant. We configure the right solution for your operation, take care of setting it up and integrating it into your existing processes. After commissioning, we take care with technical services and support you in the marketing of the produced biochar. The path to your facility consists of the following stages.

1. Evaluate your waste, disposal or recycling problem

Is it worth your while to start carbonizing your organic waste? We help you to find an answer to this question. We assess the quantity and quality of the available biomass and give you a realistic assessment on which you can opt for an entry into the production of biochar.

2. Evaluate the suitability of the location

We analyze the structural conditions of the location and, too examine the legal framework in your area at this early stage of the whole process.

3. Planning the plant design and execute EIA screening

Based on the thorough location analysis, we design the system suitable for your operation. At this stage we define the dimension and the configuration of the individual modules.

4. Crosschecking the design planning with the relevant authorities

We create the basis for the construction and the approval of the plant by coordination and collaboration with the staff of the relevant offices.

5. Approval planning in accordance with 4. BImSchV §19, Attachment 1, Number (German legal standard)

The 3R systems plants comply with the requirements of the Federal Immission Control Act. We guide you through the approval process.

6. Detailled facilities planning

Now the detailed planning of the plant can begin on the basis of which the individual modules are manufactured and the plant is constructed.

7. Production and installation of the system

We as your general contractors realize the construction with our own qualified professionals and proven partners.

8. Commissioning and final acceptance of the plant

We organize the official acceptance of the finished plant, put the plant into operation and accompany the entry process.

9. Service and maintenance of the system

3R systems monitors the operation of your system online. Round the clock.

10. Facilities maintenance management

We develop an individual maintenance program for your plant, implement and run it, if desired.

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