Biomass is not a homogeneous raw material to be placed into the production of biochar. It’s composition and it’s degree of moisture varies continuously. The 3R-Systems developers and engineers have spent much time, thought and research into this fact, developing a system that has a modular structure and, depending on the application, adapts to the specifics of the original input-material. The controls of the plant then ensures the creation of a constant, high quality output of biochar. That is why the 3R systems solution is suited to be integrated into the processes of any undertaking where organic waste is generated. It makes economic operation possible.

CO2 neutral: carbonization via thermolysis

3R-Systems uses indirect rotary kiln thermolysis for biomass carbonation. It is heated in an oxygen-free, rotating furnace with temperature from 350 ° to over 600 ° C (660° to over 1.100° F) . Instead of burning, the biomass slowly carbonises to coal. The resulting thermolysis gas is used directly for the operation of the plant. Carbonization is a CO2-neutral and thus a truly climate-friendly process, because living organisms and plants consume CO2 in the production of biomass, which becomes free again during carbonation.


Depending on the degree of moisture, the biomass is stored in a tank or a silo..

In the first step, the biomass is deprived of moisture in a dryer module. The heat energy required for this purpose is obtained from the high temperatures in the carbonation process.

The thermolysis reactor produces biochar from the biomass. The reactor is a rotating tube that rotates within a furnace. The biomass in the reactor decomposes into the solid coal and the thermolysis gas, which is than immediately used for the continuous operation of the furnace. The excess heat energy is either used for the drying of biomass in the dryer module or is available for other purposes.

The biochar is than collected in containers, cooles off and after that is available for further processing.

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